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Sun StorEdge 6130

Sun StorEdge 6130

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Designed for business-critical applications, such as e-mail, ERP, and e-commerce, the Sun StorEdge™
6130 array provides advanced data protection, round-the-clocka vailability, and applicationoriented
management. This enables you to meet the challenges of lengthy backup windows,
massive data growth, and regulatory compliance. The array’s modular, pay-as-you-grow scalability
and broad flexibility enable you to grow with the application, lowering acquisition and expansion
costs. And with online scalability of up to 112 disk drives, the Sun StorEdge 6130 array easily
satisfies the most demanding application requirements. To ensure data is always available to
applications and users, these arrays also come with data services, such as Sun StorEdge™ Data
Snapshot and Sun StorEdge™ Data Volume Copy, which help keep data accessible and increase
business uptime. The centralized management utility provides provisioning by application with
a single, easy-to-use interface across all storage systems, lowering management costs and
enabling centralized administration from anywhere. What’s more, the array’s Storage Profiles
and pooling capabilities enable maximum utilization of your storage capacity, complete control
of your rapidly growing storage environment, and the highest data protection.

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